Connect Real PC with GNS3

Another method of representing host or adding host in GNS3 is by using real pc which mean our own local PC. It’s mean that you can connect real PC with the topology you design in GNS3. In this post, i will guide step by step how to connect local PC with GNS3. This function is one of the beautiful thing about GNS3 . Connecting your own pc with the topology in GNS3 is something that GNS3 capable of. So you can install software on your local PC to work with the topology you design in GNS3. This tutorial will include pictures which i think necessary to ensure your understanding. Continue reading “Connect Real PC with GNS3”

Matlab – Spatial Filtering

Filtering is a technique for modifying or enhancing an image. As it name stated, spatial filtering use filter or also know as mask, kernel, template or window. Values of filter sub image are referred to coefficients rather than pixel intensities. Masks are always in odd size such as 3×3, 3×5 or etc. You won’t be able to find the center of the mask if it’s in even size. The process is simply moving the filter mask from point to point in an image. The filter oat each point is calculated using predefined relationship. Continue reading “Matlab – Spatial Filtering”

Use VPCS with GNS3

GNS3 is Graphical Network Simulator while VPCS is Virtual PC Simulator. VPCS or Virtual PC Simulator is included in GNS3 all in one installer. It is one of the best way to add computer in GNS3 topology because it can save your memory and CPU usage. However VPCS function is quite limited to ping and trace route. So if you only need to ping or trace route to simulate your network, then using VPCS will be very useful. This post will guide you step by step on how to use VPCS in GNS3 and simulate the network. This tutorial will include all necessary pictures in order to make it easier for you to understand. Continue reading “Use VPCS with GNS3”

Matlab – Dilation and Erosion

In digital image processing, you must understand on dilation and erosion. Dilation adds pixels to the boundaries of objects in an image. On the other hand erosion removes pixels on object boundaries. The number of pixels added or removed from the objects in an
image depends on the size and shape of the structuring element used to process the image. In the morphological dilation and erosion operations, the state of any given pixel in the output image is determined by applying a rule to the corresponding pixel and its neighbors in the input image. The rule used to process the pixels defines the operation
as a dilation or an erosion. Continue reading “Matlab – Dilation and Erosion”

Network Security Chapter 3 Packet Tracer Activity Answer

This post is solution or answer Packet Tracer Activity Chapter 3 Network Security. The title for this packet tracer activity is Configure AAA Authentication on Cisco Routers. As the title stated, this packet tracer activity regarding configuration AAA Authentication. You will learn how to configure AAA authentication using local or server based TACACS+ and RADIUS. I will guide step by step to get 100% for this packet tracer activity. At the same time, you can learn steps necessary to configure AAA authentication for Cisco routers. Continue reading “Network Security Chapter 3 Packet Tracer Activity Answer”

phpBB Change Registration Agreement

phpBB by default has terms and agreement screen which will appear once when a user want to register in your forum. However, you may want to change the Terms and Agreement on the Forum board as you like. I noticed some modification or known as mod in phpBB which will be able to accomplish the task to change the registration agreement. However this mod not being updated to latest version of phpBB. So, i think it’s better to use manual way of changing registration agreement instead of using mod. Furthermore, the step is more simpler than using mod. Continue reading “phpBB Change Registration Agreement”

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter Windows 7

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is just a dummy network card. The purpose of this dummy network card mainly for testing in a virtual network environment. You can bind protocols, network clients, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter. There are various other useful purposes by using this Microsoft Loopback Adapter. If somehow you need Microsoft Loopback Adapter, below is tutorial on how to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter for Windows 7. Continue reading “Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter Windows 7”

phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name

phpBB by default has it’s own pre-defined group name which are Administrators, Bots, Guests, Registered users, Registered COPPA users, Global moderator users and Newly registered users. All these seven pre-defined group are special groups which mean they cannot be deleted or fully modified. You may add users and alter some basic settings in the group but you will not be able to change the group name directly in the setting. Continue reading “phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name”