phpBB Remove or Change Footer

In phpBB, by default in the styles you used will be a footer note which give credits to phpBB stated like Powered by phpBB. You may not like this kind of footer with url to phpBB or you want to have your own footer notes. You might think that your own footer notes or credits will be look more professional. So, whatever your reason is, in this post i will describe the step necessary for you to remove or change the footer notes.  Continue reading “phpBB Remove or Change Footer”

phpBB Change Registration Agreement

phpBB by default has terms and agreement screen which will appear once when a user want to register in your forum. However, you may want to change the Terms and Agreement on the Forum board as you like. I noticed some modification or known as mod in phpBB which will be able to accomplish the task to change the registration agreement. However this mod not being updated to latest version of phpBB. So, i think it’s better to use manual way of changing registration agreement instead of using mod. Furthermore, the step is more simpler than using mod. Continue reading “phpBB Change Registration Agreement”

phpBB Tutorial Create Subforum and Choose Parent Category

phpBB allow you to create a category and assign forum under category that you choose. However, you may find some difficulties in assign your new forum under the category you want or assigning subforum, which mean a forum under other forum. There are actually few things as a beginner to understand the trick or step before you can create subforum or assign forum under a category. So, this post will help new user of phpBB to understand the step necessary to create subforum and assinging forum under selected category. Continue reading “phpBB Tutorial Create Subforum and Choose Parent Category”

phpBB Tutorial Install Styles and Solving Styles Not Change

This post is about how to install styles in phpbb and personally i tested this method on phpbb3. In this post, i’ll provide you with tutorial and describe step by step guide how you can change styles or themes in phpbb and what you need to do if the styles is not changing from current style to your new stye. There are few simple and easy steps how you can install new style in phpBB and what is the trick or what you need to do if your new style not appear. Continue reading “phpBB Tutorial Install Styles and Solving Styles Not Change”

phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name

phpBB by default has it’s own pre-defined group name which are Administrators, Bots, Guests, Registered users, Registered COPPA users, Global moderator users and Newly registered users. All these seven pre-defined group are special groups which mean they cannot be deleted or fully modified. You may add users and alter some basic settings in the group but you will not be able to change the group name directly in the setting. Continue reading “phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name”