Matlab – Thresholding an Image

This post about matlab command used in image processing for thresholding an image. Threshold is simple concept of setting range of certain value to be a value. The basic purpose of thresholding in image processing is to adjust the pixel value of an image to certain value. Lets take an example. The matlab command below can be used to thresholding an image. What this command will do is to set the pixel value to 0 if  the original pixel value is below or equal to 128. Otherwise, if the original pixel value is above 128, the new pixel value will be 255. Below is the example command. Continue reading “Matlab – Thresholding an Image”

Matlab – imadjust, histeq, adapthisteq and Image Histogram

This post will describe the use of imadjust, histeq and adapthisteq in image processing. Basically these three matlab command will give different results in adjusting image based on their method of adjusting an image. Imadjust to adjust the intensity values or colormap. Histeq to enhance contrast using histogram equalization while adapthisteq to contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE). From all these three command, you can see the different of result image or their output between them when you execute the command. You can see how different type of image adjustment will give different result of an image. Continue reading “Matlab – imadjust, histeq, adapthisteq and Image Histogram”