Matlab – Miss or Hit Transform

This post is about miss or hit transform in image processing. Before you will be able to understand miss or hit transform, there is a requirement which you need to understand first which is erosion. If you have no idea what erosion is or you not understand erosion clearly, please refer to my previous post on erosion. Hit or miss transform is one of the powerful method for finding shapes and their locations in an image. Hit or miss can be defined entirely in term of erosion only. Hit or miss transform is very useful for detecting specific shapes that are intended to extract such as squares, triangles, ridges, corners, junctions and etc. In this post,i will provide you with Matlab source code for miss or hit transform as an example to you. Furthermore, i will include the example with teoretical part how to do miss or hit transform using manual way. Continue reading “Matlab – Miss or Hit Transform”

Matlab – imadjust, histeq, adapthisteq and Image Histogram

This post will describe the use of imadjust, histeq and adapthisteq in image processing. Basically these three matlab command will give different results in adjusting image based on their method of adjusting an image. Imadjust to adjust the intensity values or colormap. Histeq to enhance contrast using histogram equalization while adapthisteq to contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE). From all these three command, you can see the different of result image or their output between them when you execute the command. You can see how different type of image adjustment will give different result of an image. Continue reading “Matlab – imadjust, histeq, adapthisteq and Image Histogram”