Network Security Chapter 4 Packet Tracer Activity A Answer

This post is solution or answer for Packet Tracer Activity Chapter 4 Network Security. Chapter 4 Packet Tracer Activity A Network Security is  about ACL. To be specific, the title for the packet tracer activity is Configure IP ACLs to Mitigate Attacks. ACL in this Packet Tracer Activity is using standard and extended ACL. It doesn’t involve advanced ACL such as reflexive, dynamic or time based ACL. However, you must be very precise when dealing with ACL and Packet Tracer Activity. Mistake in using IP Address will not increase your mark although the IP address you use also applicable and correct for that particular purpose. In this post, i will show the correct configuration and step by step how to get 100% for this Packet Tracer Activity. Continue reading “Network Security Chapter 4 Packet Tracer Activity A Answer”


DCE stand for Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment. It is locate at end of the WAN provider side of communication facility. DCE provide clock signal which known as internal clocking. Example DCE device is modem.  Continue reading “DCE and DTE”