phpBB Tutorial Install Styles and Solving Styles Not Change

This post is about how to install styles in phpbb and personally i tested this method on phpbb3. In this post, i’ll provide you with tutorial and describe step by step guide how you can change styles or themes in phpbb and what you need to do if the styles is not changing from current style to your new stye. There are few simple and easy steps how you can install new style in phpBB and what is the trick or what you need to do if your new style not appear. Continue reading “phpBB Tutorial Install Styles and Solving Styles Not Change”

Network Security Packet Tracer Activity Chapter 2 Answer

This post is solution or answer for Packet Tracer Activity Chapter 2 Network Security. This  packet tracer activity is about configure cisco router for syslog, NTP (Network Time Protocol) and SSH Operations. The purpose of Syslog is to provide message logging. Network Time Protocol (NTP) allows routers on the network to synchronize their time settings with an NTP server while SSH is a network protocol which establishes a secure terminal emulation connection to networking device. This post will describe step by step how to configure SSH, NTP and Syslog on Cisco router.  Continue reading “Network Security Packet Tracer Activity Chapter 2 Answer”

Matlab – imadd Combine Two Images and Add Intensity Value

In this post, we will learn basic command in image processing using Matlab. One of the command is imadd. Image addition will give power to superimpose or overlay an image on top of another or control the brightness of an image. This post will describe two use of imadd which is for combine, joining, adding or overlay two images and the other function of imadd which is to add value to each pixel in the image or picture to control brightness of an image. Continue reading “Matlab – imadd Combine Two Images and Add Intensity Value”

phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name

phpBB by default has it’s own pre-defined group name which are Administrators, Bots, Guests, Registered users, Registered COPPA users, Global moderator users and Newly registered users. All these seven pre-defined group are special groups which mean they cannot be deleted or fully modified. You may add users and alter some basic settings in the group but you will not be able to change the group name directly in the setting. Continue reading “phpBB Change Pre-defined Group Name”

Change Android Hostname

This article about changing your android device’s hostname on a network. Android device on the network act like a PC which has its own hostname. You can change your computer hostname simply by using System Properties on the computer. So, how about your android device? So this post will describe how to change android device name or hostname on wifi network. Continue reading “Change Android Hostname”

CCNA 4 Exploration Final Exam 2012

I have taken CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Academy) 4 Exploration Final Exam on 15 February 2012. So i would like to share some of the questions and answers. CCNA  4 Final Exam formally known as EWAN Final Exam CCNA 4 Exploration Accessing the WAN.

I try searching on Google for the answers for CCNA 4 Final Exam and some of the questions has been answered by other website. However, please note that the the answers given is not 100% correct. So in this post, i just want share answers that i change to improve the percentage mark and also new and rare questions which appear in my EWAN Final Exam. Continue reading “CCNA 4 Exploration Final Exam 2012”

Microsoft Word Set Landscape Only on Single Page

This is just a simple guide but i try to make it very easy to understand. Actually i made this guide because several of my friends keep asking me how to set landscape view only on single page in Microsoft Word. Sometime in the whole document of Microsoft Word, there is single page you want to make it landscape view or horizontal view. Maybe because you want to put picture, graph, gantt chart or anything which you find landscape view will be more fit or suitable. Continue reading “Microsoft Word Set Landscape Only on Single Page”

Change Xampp Port

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing PHP, MySQL and Perl. Xampp works on many operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. It is necessary to change the Xampp port to make sure other web server such as WampServer and IIS can run on same machine or computer. Continue reading “Change Xampp Port”


DCE stand for Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment. It is locate at end of the WAN provider side of communication facility. DCE provide clock signal which known as internal clocking. Example DCE device is modem.  Continue reading “DCE and DTE”