Connect Real PC with GNS3

Another method of representing host or adding host in GNS3 is by using real pc which mean our own local PC. It’s mean that you can connect real PC with the topology you design in GNS3. In this post, i will guide step by step how to connect local PC with GNS3. This function is one of the beautiful thing about GNS3 . Connecting your own pc with the topology in GNS3 is something that GNS3 capable of. So you can install software on your local PC to work with the topology you design in GNS3. This tutorial will include pictures which i think necessary to ensure your understanding. Continue reading “Connect Real PC with GNS3”

Use VPCS with GNS3

GNS3 is Graphical Network Simulator while VPCS is Virtual PC Simulator. VPCS or Virtual PC Simulator is included in GNS3 all in one installer. It is one of the best way to add computer in GNS3 topology because it can save your memory and CPU usage. However VPCS function is quite limited to ping and trace route. So if you only need to ping or trace route to simulate your network, then using VPCS will be very useful. This post will guide you step by step on how to use VPCS in GNS3 and simulate the network. This tutorial will include all necessary pictures in order to make it easier for you to understand. Continue reading “Use VPCS with GNS3”