HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

So here the case. I already unlock bootloader my htc one x, flash Philz Touch recovery and root my HOX devices but i’m still at my stock rom. However suddenly there is one update receive from HTC OTA 4.19.707.4 regarding the heartbleed fix. So realizing the important of this update, i want to apply this update 4.19.707.4 to my Htc One X endeavoru phone. But if you update directly with Philz Touch Recovery, it will failed completely. So i decided to return back to stock recovery.

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How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2

In this post, i would like to share my experience in rooting htc one x 4.2.2 using one of the most popular tools for rooting HTC One X. The program that i used is Hasoon2000’s HTC One X All in One Toolkit. This post is just to share my experience with you in rooting htc one x with this tool, errors that i encounter and how i solve it.

For your reference, my device is HTC One X International with android version 4.2.2, Sense 5.0 and software 4.19.707.3. I first bought HOX and update officially via OTA until this jelly bean version. So my target is to root my new HTC One X which have been updated officially by using the latest version of Hasoon tool which at the moment i wrote this post is Hasoon2000 v2.5. Continue reading “How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2”

Rooting Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia Mini Pro SK17i

This post is about tutorial to root ice cream sandwich on Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i devices. This tutorial mainly for beginner. So i will try to write this guide as details as possible to help you understand on how to root ice cream sandwich for Xperia Mini Pro. Continue reading “Rooting Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia Mini Pro SK17i”

Flash ROM Xperia Devices

This post is a beginner guide on how to flash ROM for xperia devices. You can follow this tutorial or guidelines to flash your device with original Android image. I will try to make this tutorial step by step and in a easy way so you can understand it better. There are various of reason why you need to flash your ROM manually. The most common reason is because you need to downgrade your android version on your phone or devices for the purpose of rooting. No matter what your reason to change or flash your ROM, i believe this simple tutorial will be helpful to you. Continue reading “Flash ROM Xperia Devices”

Change Android Hostname

This article about changing your android device’s hostname on a network. Android device on the network act like a PC which has its own hostname. You can change your computer hostname simply by using System Properties on the computer. So, how about your android device? So this post will describe how to change android device name or hostname on wifi network. Continue reading “Change Android Hostname”

Rooting Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i

This post is written as an instruction to root SK17i Sony Xperia Mini Pro. But the program that i use to root is also capable of rooting other android phone. It has been tested for various Android phone. For complete list of Android phone that able to root with that program are listed at the bottom of this post. However, i only test it on Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i because i only have one android phone which is Xperia Mini Pro SK17i. So that’s why the title is Rooting Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i. Personally, that’s the only phone that i tested and it works perfectly. If you are user of other Android phone as listed at the bottom of this post, you may try to root also using the program as it works perfectly according to the programmer. Continue reading “Rooting Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i”

Install ADB for Android phone

ADB is Android Debug Bridge. Usually people meet with this term when they find way to root their Android phone or devices and clueless how we can install ADB drivers for our devices. As an example, you may find such instruction  like “make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device” when you try to root with Doomlord and Zergrush exploit with their easy rooting toolkit. Continue reading “Install ADB for Android phone”