Invisible Algortihm mainly about shairng knowledge and idea on solution to problems faced by user on the computer and internet. In addition, this web also include advanced knowledge such as programming, ccna and network, linux and some other knowledge related to science and technology.

Hopefully this website will bring benefits to all of us.

Knowledge is fun. So have fun guys..


Some Kind People to keep InviAlgo Alive

As we all know, a website require some costs to maintain it alive. Listed below are some people who restore my faith in humanity. With this people around, i able to have a cup of coffee to keep me writing on the night after a tough working day. InviAlgo do appreciate these people and hope the best for them.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone


Monica Mendoza

Khalid Alhumud

Otto Bruckner

Graham Clements

Max Fisher

Eugene stitt

Niko Tahiraj

Landrin Long

Bill Creasey

Jason Madruga

Aikaterine Vervilos

Khalil Ahmed

Tho Phan

James Mcghee

Simon Chukwunonyerem


Thanks guys!!!


I am not a handsome guy, but i can give my hand to some one who needs help. Beauty is in the heart. Not in the face