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Today while working on one of my WordPress website which using Elementor i notice this error on Google Maps Element. Out of sudden the embedded Google Maps hit error refused to connect. I thought it’s temporary issue with google maps, surprisingly it’s not. Further troubleshoot shows it’s actually API

Google Maps Refused to Connect due to JavaScript API

It’s actually written in knowledgebase just that who will actually remember the date. Google quote as below

The Maps JavaScript API v2 is deprecated as of May 19, 2010, and will be turned off on May 26, 2021. As a result, your site’s v2 maps will stop working, and will return JavaScript errors. To avoid any inconvenience, we strongly recommend migrating your site to the Maps JavaScript API v3 before May 26, 2021.

Google Maps Platform

You can further read on this article Upgrading Your Maps JavaScript API Application from V2 to V3 ( refused to connect image

So basically we just need to upgrade Maps Javascript API from v2 to v3. If you are using Elementor, temporary solution we can share the location and embed the iframe code from Google Maps using html elements. Elementor has been notified on this issue and in progress of fixing it.

Hope this quick note will helps. Thanks

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