Sysprep – Windows Could Not Finished Configuring The System

sysprep error. Windows could not finished configuring the system. Have you check 3 things?

Sysprep is commonly used during cloning OS image. It’s quite common i encounter error during sysprep. There’s a lot of article in the internet related to this matter. However, i just would like to post this article as the solution for the problem i encountered not the one i found on the internet. So i just share it with you guys and as a reminder to myself


I sysprep windows 10. After sysprep, i rebooted the machine and the error below appeared

Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer

Sysprep – Install Windows
Windows could not finish configuring the system
Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer


Of course the first thing i do is restart the computer as suggested by Microsoft. As usual the suggestion doesn’t work

So when i google on internet, i found most common solution to this as below

  1. When this error appear, press Shift + F10
  2. CMD will appear and type in as below
cd oobe
Oobe command prompt
This should bring to Windows Setup and continue manually following UI

However this solution doesn’t work for me. When i type in the command, i expect it to bring me to setup where i will key in all the PC name details, keyboard layout, time zone and answer common question. Instead the windows screen appear “Please Wait” and i’ve wait more than 3 hours. It’s not going anywhere. Even i rebooted and repeat the steps the same “Please Wait” message appear

So when i think back this notebook actually old notebook which is few years back. And i’m trying to sysprep Windows 10. So i decided to try update bios. And this method actually works. But i’ve to clone back the notebook with image before sysprep.

Bios Update before sysprep
Bios updated.


So in short, before you sysprep, things that you need to be careful is first to always disable your Antivirus. If the notebook is old notebook, consider to update the bios. If you use answer file, make sure it’s good. Then perform the sysprep. If you have problem with sysprep answer file, the shift+f10 method above may works for you.

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