How to check Windows License Original or Cracked

Quick and easy way to check if your Windows license is original for end user. No internet required. Difference between Genuine and Cracked version

Have you ever wonder when you bought your dekstop or laptop if the windows license installed is really genuine? If you purchased from trusted shop this might not be an issue. But if you bought from unknown IT shop or you purchased second hand from online seller and they told you the license installed is original. How do you actually verify if what they claim is true? This article meant for person without IT background as quick and easy check. It takes less than a minute and no internet required.

This actually normally happened to everyone. When my company purchase second hand notebook, the vendor trying to sell crack version of windows to us. If you read Microsoft license description OEM license, KMS license, Volume License, Retail license, it might be too complicated for you. At the end, as home user you just want to know that the salesman is not lying to your face.

Current crack method is very good. I remembered during Windows XP time, most of crack not even passed Microsoft genuine test and will failed to perform windows update. Some Windows 7 and Windows 10 crack is good and able to perform windows update without issue. So i’ll just teach simple method as end user how you can check the windows is original in quick and easy in just one minute. Not even internet needed.

Quick Check if Windows Original

Open your start menu, and type in command below and enter:

slmgr.vbs /dli
Retail activated license
Retail activated. This is normally for personal use or can be manufacturer activated.
Volume License activated
Volume License Activated. This license normally used by company or an organization
KMS activated license
KMS activated. This license can be used by company and normally this type is cracked windows version


You should only trusted retail or oem license. For volume license, a single license key normally shared by 500 PC. If the seller source of this license is illegal, there might be a chances the organization will noticed this and your license might be compromised. The last one is KMS activated. As normal home user your PC do not connected to KMS server. It’s just means this windows is cracked and noticed that there is expiration time of the license. Your antivirus at any time might detected this tools

So when you go to shop and looking into buying second hand laptop, you can ask the sales person if the license is original and do a quick check like a boss. Hope it helps.

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