Dell E5470 Auto Shutdown Overheat

Dell E5470 auto shutdown. Dell E5470 laptop solution for overheat and auto shutdown.

Dell E5470 Auto Shutdown

This article about troubleshooting Dell E5470 due to auto shutdown issue. You may use this article as reference on how to troubleshoot auto shutdown PC issue or notebook overheat issue.


This laptop reported to auto shutdown while user is using the notebook. This laptop Dell E5470 produce noticeable rise in temperature and you can feel hot at the airflow.


First we can check the event manager to confirm the case. We can see as below shows the laptop was shutdown due to thermal event

Thermal Event E5470
The system was shut down due to a critical thermal event

When related to temperature or overheat, if the notebook is old notebook, most common things u want to look if the cooling fan is functioning perfectly and to apply thermal paste.

However this is not the case for Dell E5470. Looking physically this customer notebook, this Dell E5470 not too old and seems to me in good condition. So i would like to do software approach first


Format Dell E5470

First, I just want to make sure this is not high usage software / malware issue. Since this laptop contains no user data, so i just straight away format this laptop. However the same issue occurred even after i format and install driver. So this confirm the overheat issue on this Dell E5470 not caused by any applications or malware which trigger high usage.

Update Bios

The next step i do is to update the bios. This is quite dangerous as i afraid the notebook shut down while i updating bios. So just to be on safe side, i try to make sure the notebook really in cool state while i perform this task. You can download the latest bios version from Dell Driver website

Dell E5470 Update Bios
Dell E5470 Update Bios
Bios version
bios version 1.22.3. this is the latest bios update when i troubleshoot this issue.

You can use this command to get bios version from windows

wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion

Unfortunately, i still encounter same issue even after updating bios.

Bios Settings

i go through the bios settings, here what i found

Intel TurboBoost
Intel TuroBoost

This is the culprit. I’ve to disable Intel TurboBoost, only then the laptop cpu will not spike and causing overheat issue.

Verification – Dell Stress Test

I run Dell support assist to perform stress test. From image below, you can see the cpu being controlled around 90-92%. The stress test complete without any issue. Previously, you wont be able to install this application as it will automatically shut down your computer.

Dell Support Assist Stress Test
Dell Support Assist – Stress Test

Another Workaround

i also come across suggestion to control cpu usage through power options by controlling Maximum Processor State. Set it to 90% or below.

Power options - Advanced settings - Processor Power Management
Power Options - Maximum Processor State
Power Options – Maximum Processor State

This trick should do it if you not even want to change bios settings. I personally did not try this, as i think the bios will do a better job.


I understand that this may not the perfect solution. But as far as the laptop can be used without any interruption or sudden shutdown, i think the bios settings modification is a good solution. Hopefully Dell can come out with permanent fixes in future.

If you have any better solution or any information, please comment below, share with us and help others.

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