HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

So here the case. I already unlock bootloader my htc one x, flash Philz Touch recovery and root my HOX devices but i’m still at my stock rom. However suddenly there is one update receive from HTC OTA 4.19.707.4 regarding the heartbleed fix. So realizing the important of this update, i want to apply this update 4.19.707.4 to my Htc One X endeavoru phone. But if you update directly with Philz Touch Recovery, it will failed completely. So i decided to return back to stock recovery.

So back to basic. Before doing anything to your device, i always recommend you to do the important thing first.


1. Backup, backup and backup. Please do backup on your valuable messages, pictures, music, contacts, apps data and even nandroid backup using your custom recovery.

2. Charge your phone battery to maximum as possible. 80% and above will be safe.

3. Enable USB debugging on your phone.

If you have problem to enable usb debugging, please refer to my post How to Root HTC One X. Inside the post, i already provide step by step guide and some trick to enable usb debugging

Prerequisite before revert to stock recovery

1. Your computer must have adb fastboot installed. You can download fastboot package or simply use Minimal ADB and Fastboot. It’s small in size around 2MB, support x86 or x64 bit windows and even i support windows 8. You can download the latest version from Xda Developers Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Install it on your PC

2. Of course you need the stock recovery. You can download it from here or simply use Google to search for endeavoru stock recovery. Once you have downloaded it, place the downloaded file inside the installation directory of your Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery


Now lets the game begins.

1. Connect your HTC One X to your PC.

2. Run Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

3. (optional) Input this command to verify that your device is successfully connected.

adb devices

It will shows list of devices attached. Verify that your phone serial number displayed

4.  Now run this command to put your devices into bootloader.

adb reboot bootloader

Your devices will be reboot and will see the white background screen on your devices. Let it be

5. (Optional) Now run this command to ensure the phone on right track

fastboot devices

Again you should see your device serial number

6. Now the command to flash recovery

fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img

Notice that endeavoru_recovery_signed.img is the file name that we downloaded just now and placed in the installation directory that we working on.

7. Next is reboot time. Run this command

fastboot reboot

Yes you are done. Now you in stock recovery. Image below is all the command that we use in to revert to stock recovery.

HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

Thank you

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