How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2

root htc one x

In this post, i would like to share my experience in rooting htc one x 4.2.2 using one of the most popular tools for rooting HTC One X. The program that i used is Hasoon2000’s HTC One X All in One Toolkit. This post is just to share my experience with you in rooting htc one x with this tool, errors that i encounter and how i solve it.

For your reference, my device is HTC One X International with android version 4.2.2, Sense 5.0 and software 4.19.707.3. I first bought HOX and update officially via OTA until this jelly bean version. So my target is to root my new HTC One X which have been updated officially by using the latest version of Hasoon tool which at the moment i wrote this post is Hasoon2000 v2.5.

When i read the original post  HTC One X All-in-One toolkit XDA developers and go through the comment user who root 4.2.2, i noticed some of them encounter problems.

The only prob was that the TWRP version provided had touch issues.
After flashing twrp, the touch wouldn’t work on the menus.

So had to flash the repacked TWRP


I had same problem whit touch recovery: I was updated to last official 4.2.2 build and using hasoon2000 tool I installed TWRP which was not working … then I tried to install CWM but installation failed … Then I looked inside the hasoon2000 tool folder and I manually installed the recovery.img contained in that folder … This was the Philz recovery which was working perfect!


Bro my TWRP not responding , if i press power button then it goes lock and message swipe to unlock , but touch does not work .. plz help me how can i back up my stock Rom ..


While Hasoon recommending TWRP as recovery, i noticed a lot of user encounter problem with the recovery. However, most of them successfully solve it using different methods. Based on my reading, some people recommend to use Philz recovery which i used in rooting my HTC One X.

So basically, there a lot of suggestion and recommendation, but this guys are just too goods. They speak language which hard for noob in rooting phone like me to understand. After a lot of reading, i started my journey in rooting htc one x with android 4.2.2. So what i wrote here is actually contains duplicate information as original post to ensure you get the flow of the process while i try to add in information and problem that i encounter in the step.

I strongly suggest before you start rooting your HTC One X device, please read the original post guide at XDA Developers.

Here is our objective in the process of rooting our lovely HTC One X

a. Unlock bootloader

b. Install Recovery

c. Root


Before you start, please make sure your phone battery is above 80% just to be very safe.


a. Unlock Bootloader

Please be reminded that Unlocking bootloader means all your data will be lost.

1. Make sure you enable USB debugging on your phone

Settings – Developer Options – Tick USB Debugging

Here i encounter one little problem. I can’t find developer options at my HTC One X. So to enable Developer Options:

Settings – About – Software Information – More

Now click “Build Number” 7 times and your developer options menu will appear in the settings.

2. Download Hasoon2000’s Toolkit from his website hasoon2000 or from this link Hasoon Toolkit v2.5.2 which is the version i use in this tutorial. Please take some time to look your HTC One X either it is international model or ATT model.

3. Extract the downloaded file to C: partition and start the program “One X.exe”.

root htc one x

4. Now at the program, click the number 1 to download HTC Drivers. It will open your web browser and lead you to download HTC Driver. After download the driver, install it and restart your PC. Once your PC restarted, you may plug in your device at your PC and your device will be recognized.

5. At the program, choose number 2 “Register at HTCDev“. Again, this program will lead you to HTCDev website for you to create your account. Please register and use valid email address here. Once successfully registered, please leave the page and your web browser open as it is. The reason why we left the browser open, just to make sure that the login information/cookies/cache is still there which consider us still logging in at HTCDev webpage.

root htc one x

6. Back to the program, now look under “commands” section, choose “boot into bootloader” and press go. In this step, your HTC One X should be still connected to your PC as instruct in step 4.

Now, here where i encounter another problem where there is an error said that

error: device not found

I have enable usb debugging. My PC able to recognized my phone as HTC One X appear nicely at My Computer. Trying to unplug and replug the device doesn’t do any help. What i did is while connecting my device to the PC, i disable usb debugging and re enable it back. Now that simple step did the trick.

If you encounter your device not even detected correctly on device manager, please install your HTC One X driver or ADB driver.

(i) Download the latest HTC Sync Manager and install it on your PC. The driver will follows with the installation.


(ii) Download and install ADB Google USB Driver Package


(iii) Update driver manually. Mostly happened in windows 7 and windows 8

  • Device Manager
  • Right click on Android Phone and select update driver software
  • Browse My Computer for driver software
  • Let me pick from a list of device drivers on My Computer
  • Choose “My HTC”
  • Next until Finished

Now look at your phone. It will restart with some menu list and white background.

7. Now at the toolkit, select number 3 which is “Get token ID”. Now a command prompt will appear with few lines characters. Copy from <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> until <<<< Identifier Token End >>>>. Do not include (bootloader) on the left in every line of the characters.

root htc one x

Challenge here is to copy from command prompt. Right click inside the command prompt, choose mark. With your mouse, select lines that you want, and press enter. You may use all other skills that you have to copy that. Then, you may paste the information on your notepad to make things easier to recopy back later.

8. Move to next step, choose number 4 which is “Submit Token ID”. The toolkit will open for you a page where you can paste the information that you copy at step 7 to a column at the bottom of the page.

But here come another problem. The toolkit said that if we left the web browser open as in step 5, the page should load nicely without error. However, the page said that i do not logged in and need to login again. I’m not sure if it is browser issue or windows issue, but i tried several times and the login page keep bugging me. Although i have logged in at a tab, when i create new tab, HTCDev will consider as i’m not logged in.

So just in case what happened to me similar with what you encounter, here is what i did. I realize that the program try to lead me to certain page at HTCDev related to unlocking bootloader. So i guess i have to do it manually.

Login at HTCDev webpage and find unlock bootloader menu/icon.

root htc one x

On the right, choose “all other supported models”. Click button “Begin Unlock Bootloader”.

root htc one x

Agree to all the warnings and legal terms, and you will be lead to Unlocking Bootloader Instructions. Scroll down and proceed to the next page. Scroll down again until you find a column for you to input the information you copied on step 7. Paste it there and click button submit.

root htc one x

9. Open your email which you used to register with HTC Development. Wait for an email “The key to unlocking your HTC Device” from HTC Development. Look for the attached file named as “Unlock_code.bin”. Download and save it to your computer.

10. Now at the toolkit, select number 5 which is “Unlock Bootloader”. Browse to the Unlock_code.bin which you have downloaded in step 9, select it. On your phone press volume up button and power button to proceed. Your phone will be restarted. Please be reminded again that this will cause all your data will be wiped out from your phone. Once your phone restart, that’s also mean you have successfully unlock your HTC One X bootloader.


b. Install Recovery

There are two recoveries that has been included in this toolkit which are CWM ClockWorkMod and TWRP. You can find both files at C:\One_X_All-In-One_Kit_v\Data\Recoveries folder. As mention earlier before we starting this tutorial, based on comment and advised from other user, i decided to use Philz Touch Recovery. All features of this recovery seems to work flawlessly. You may read about Philz Touch Recovery to have some idea about this recovery and to find the latest version of this recovery. However, the recovery that i install on my phone is You may obtained the file here. But it’s also a good idea if you use the latest version at the moment you root your htc one x. Here how we install recovery using Hasoon toolkit.

1. At the toolkit on the flash recovery section, locate the phrase “your own recovery”. Click the “Flash Recovery” button.

2. Next browse to where you store the recovery that you have downloaded. Please take note that apart from the application requested your recovery to be renamed as one word, i also encounter problem when the path is too deep inside. I think because one of the folder in the path is having two words or space. So to make things easier, place your recovery.img at the root of c: partition.

3. Once the process done, select “Hboot” at the bootloader. Press power button to select it. Go down to Recovery using your power down button and press power button to select it.

4. You will see the recovery that you have just flashed. You may control this recovery using touch screen button at the bottom of the screen. Find  “Backup and Restore” and do the backup.

5. One done with the backup, go back and select reboot system now.


c. Rooting HTC One X

At this step, you should have your bootloader unlocked, recovery installed and you have done your nandroid backup. Now what is left is to root your HTC One X.

1. Your phone should be startup as normal right now after reboot. Look at the toolkit at your PC. Under Extras section, you will see “perm root” and select it.

Now i encounter some problem here. After i click “perm root” as instructed, my phone reboot and stop when booting with exclamation mark. I wait for few minutes but nothing happened. So i just push phone power button to make it reboot. Few times and it successfully restart like nothing happened. Of course i won’t select the “perm root again”. I realized that at this step, what it does is actually to copy from C:\One_X_All-In-One_Kit_v\Data\SU to be inside my phone. So i think next time if i want to root, i will just copy manually and paste it to my phone using “My Computer”. It looks like much safer and less harmless. However, i did replace the files with the latest SuperSU version. You may obtained the latest version at SuperSU thread. Download the zip version of course.

2. Turn off your phone and unplug the usb cable from your PC. While turning on your device using the power button, press the volume down button together and you will get into the white screen bootloader. Select Recovery the same way as explained in step b3. Now select “install zip”. Find the file which you have transferred on step 1 just now.

3. Once the process completed, reboot your phone. You then will found SuperSU application on you apps list. Open it and look if it need any update. If yes, let it update via recovery. If not, then your HTC One X have been successfully rooted.

I’m not taking any credits for this application. I just share my tiny experience the way i root my HTC One X, the problem i encounter and how i solve it. Hopefully, with this step by step tutorial on how to root HTC One X, it will benefits all of us. Should you experienced different problems or have better and easier way to root htc one x, please do not hesitate to comment below so that other people will be able to root their htc one x with confidence and without any trouble.

Thank you.

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40 thoughts on “How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2”

  1. Hi, great post, however my phone is one x+ running the OTA 4.2.2, will this method work? thanks in advamce

    1. i also use OTA update until 4.2.2 software 4.19.707.3. Then i root and it works successfully. However your device is htc one x plus. I’ve never tested it since i dont have htc one x+. But the first thing you may need to concern is the Hasoon2000 program HTC one and HTC One x+ is difference. So download the correct version at Hasoon website.

  2. Thanks InviAlgo.
    You rooting explanation and resolution of the problems faced are so easy and I rooted my HTC One X without any issues (with few hiccups with Hasoon software tough ;)).

    One exception which i did from the 3 step rooting which you explained
    i.e. Bootloader Unlock, Recovery flash( & Backup) and Rooting

    After Installation of recovery and backup i.e. step 2 when i tried to reboot it asked me for an option to root the device, So selected that and my phone rebooted with root access. This might help some, If not then you have anyways explained how to root.


  3. Hey…
    I have a problem …
    when I try to boot RECOVERY my phone stays at firmware logo …. ( HTC Quietly brilliant ) and nothing happens … I waited like 10 min and still nothing please help !!!

  4. OPSS done it … I found a way, now I’m rooted !! ty for the nice tutorial I was trying for 3 days
    to root this shit …

  5. bro can u explain me how can i install custom rom in my htc one x phone as i rooted with ur instructions..and install the philz touch recovery

  6. Hii
    Thanks for the guidance
    I hv htc one x international version
    When i try to boot into bootloader ie step 6 it says error device not found
    Even aftr trying to tweak it as u said by disabling debugging n re-enabling it.. It still say.. Error..
    Do help plz.. Wat to do

    1. make sure your device detect correctly at device manager. if not, please download and install htc sync manager or update manually driver. Look again in the post. I already add some info

    1. Just to confirm, it worked with AT&T HOX with Android version 4.2.2 and software number 5.18.502.1 and Sense 5.0?

    2. Hey Chamby Bonilla! Could you please confirm if it worked with AT&T HOX with Android version 4.2.2 and software number 5.18.502.1 and Sense 5.0?

      Please let us know. Thank you in advance

  7. hey man! thanks a lot worked like a charm! i followed your instructions precisely and encountered the same issues as u did , but anw i was wondering abt something i think is very important. WHY do all data and settings remain untouched ?:P nothing was erased my phone is simply rooted without any modification.
    thanks in advance for any reply.

  8. i have a htc one x with tegra prossesor not international version there r english(china) language. and there are no googles app . when i try to install them they installed but not opend so what can i do now pls hlp

  9. hi boss i just completed up to that boot unlocking,i was nt able to complete that racovery process can u please explain in elobrated,plssss abot that philz recovery

    1. Philz recovery based on cwm. The update has been discontinued. Try to use twrp recovery instead

    1. Either you are connecting other devices to your PC or because you have some kind of android emulator installed such as bluestack or etc. Kill the app first via task manager ensure no running process

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