phpBB Tutorial Install Styles and Solving Styles Not Change

pbpBB Install New Styles

This post is about how to install styles in phpbb and personally i tested this method on phpbb3. In this post, i’ll provide you with tutorial and describe step by step guide how you can change styles or themes in phpbb and what you need to do if the styles is not changing from current style to your new stye. There are few simple and easy steps how you can install new style in phpBB and what is the trick or what you need to do if your new style not appear.

Installing Styles in phpBB

1. Download the styles you like from phpbb Styles under customisation. Please make sure the styles you choose is compatible with the version of phpBB that you use. Now extract the styles folder and make sure you don’t have another folder inside the main folder which contains the style.cfg files. Upload it via FTP at public html -> styles -> new_style_folder.

2. Go to Administration Control Panel (ACP) and find Styles tab there. Find the correct style name and click install. Make sure you tick to set it as active and tick to make default style.

pbpBB Install New Styles

It’s all complete. Go to your board index and you should be able to see your new styles.

Styles Not Changing

1. On the left pane of Styles tab, notice the styles components. Click each of the components which are Templates, Themes and Imagesets and click Refresh on the new styles you choose. Actually the most important is Imagesets but it’s fine if you refresh all three.

2. If the first method doesn’t change the styles, go to General tab and click “Run Now” on “Purge the cache” option.

pbpBB Install New Styles

3. If that doesn’t help you too, now go back to Styles tab, click deactivate and then delete for each unused theme or you may try to deactivate and delete the current style. If you notice, the current theme normally have some non-zero value under the title “Used by (Including Robots)”. When you deactivate and delete your current style, you will be able too change “Used by (Including Robots)” number on your new style which will indicated that your new style is being used.

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