phpBB Tutorial Create Subforum and Choose Parent Category

phpBB Create New Subforum

phpBB allow you to create a category and assign forum under category that you choose. However, you may find some difficulties in assign your new forum under the category you want or assigning subforum, which mean a forum under other forum. There are actually few things as a beginner to understand the trick or step before you can create subforum or assign forum under a category. So, this post will help new user of phpBB to understand the step necessary to create subforum and assinging forum under selected category.

By default you can see “Your First Category” and “Your First Forum” in the new installation of phpBB. Most new user able to create a category like “Your First Category” but unable to create “Your First Forum” under “Your First Category” or select Β new category as the parent of your new forum. It’s just because you miss one important part to create a sub forum.

Step to Create New Subforum And Assign a Parent Category

1. Create a category

Go to your Administration Control Panel (ACP) and select Forum tab. At the bottom right, you will be able to see a button to create new forum. Just input the name of category you want and click the button to “create new forum” to create new category. Then make sure under “Forum Category” you choose “Category” option. After you finish selecting other options, just click submit.

phpBB Create New Subforum

2. Assign Forum Permission

This is the most important part that user usually miss. Before you can assign new category as parent to your new forum, you must provide permission first to the new category. This happen usually because user doesn’t select “copy permission from” in step 1 because they want their provide their own permission. To give permission to your new category, just click “Forum Permissions” on the left pane, select your new category and follow all the procedure until the end.

phpBB Create New Subforum


3. Assign Forum Under New Category

Now, you can create your new forum. Same as step 1, input your new forum name but under “Forum Category”, make sure you select “Forum”. On the option “Parent Forum”, select your new category as the parent. Notice if you miss step 2 in assigning permission to your new category, the new category will be in gray color and you will not be able to choose your new category as a parent. Finally, choose other options carefully and click Submit.

Same procedure applied if your want to create new forum and assign other forum as parent instead of assigning category as the parent. Just make sure you assign permission to the category or forum which you want to be the parent first before you the child forum.

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