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In phpBB, by default in the styles you used will be a footer note which give credits to phpBB stated like Powered by phpBB. You may not like this kind of footer with url to phpBB or you want to have your own footer notes. You might think that your own footer notes or credits will be look more professional. So, whatever your reason is, in this post i will describe the step necessary for you to remove or change the footer notes. 

In this example i will used subsilver2 as active styles

1. Via FTP, go to your phpBB folder -> styles -> subsilver2 (your styles) -> template.

2. In the template folder, look for a file named overall_footer.

3. Find statement like this

<span class=”copyright”>Powered by <a href=””>phpBB ..

4. Edit the words according to your own. Save the file.

5. Go to your Administration Control Panel (ACP) -> Styles -> Templates. Click on refresh for the styles that you used which in this case is subsilver2.

That’s all what you need to do.

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