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acp load settings

This post will describe how to hide statistic, online user and birthday on your forum board. In phpBB 3.0.10, actually there is setting to hide online user and birthday from your Admission Control Panel but not the Statistic. But in any cases you not be able to find where is the setting located to hide birthday and online user or how to hide statistic from the board, below i’ll explain all of them step by step.

Hide Birthday

1. Go to Administration Control Panel (ACP) -> General Tab -> Server Configuration -> Load settings.

2. Find “Enable birthday listing” and set to NO


Hide Online User

1. Go to Administration Control Panel (ACP) -> General Tab -> Server Configuration -> Load settings.

2. Find “Enable online user listings” and set to NO

acp load settings


Hide Statistic

In phpBB 3.0.10, i don’t think hiding statistic which appear at the bottom of the board can be disable through Administration Control Panel (ACP). Below is the manual way how you will be able to achieve that.

1. Go to your installed and active styles via FTP. In this example, i use subsilver2. phpBB Folder -> styles -> subsilver2 -> template.

2. In the template folder, you can find one file named index_body.html. Edit this file.

3. Find a paragraph like below:

<br clear=”all” />

<table class=”tablebg” width=”100%” cellspacing=”1″>
<td class=”cat” colspan=”2″><h4>{L_STATISTICS}</h4></td>
<td class=”row1″><img src=”{T_THEME_PATH}/images/whosonline.gif” alt=”{L_STATISTICS}” /></td>
<td class=”row1″ width=”100%” valign=”middle”><p class=”genmed”>{TOTAL_POSTS} | {TOTAL_TOPICS} | {TOTAL_USERS} | {NEWEST_USER}</p></td>

4. You may delete it or just put it as comment.

5. Administration Control Panel (ACP) -> Styles -> Templates. Click on refresh for the styles that you used which in this case is subsilver2.

Now you are done. You may want to hide or disable birthday, online user and statistic if your forum is new because i don’t think statistic shows “1 user registered” is impressive enough.

Thank You.


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