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phpBB by default has terms and agreement screen which will appear once when a user want to register in your forum. However, you may want to change the Terms and Agreement on the Forum board as you like. I noticed some modification or known as mod in phpBB which will be able to accomplish the task to change the registration agreement. However this mod not being updated to latest version of phpBB. So, i think it’s better to use manual way of changing registration agreement instead of using mod. Furthermore, the step is more simpler than using mod.

So, below is the step to change Registration Screen Terms and Agreement.

1. Using FTP, navigate to phpBB folder -> language -> en

2. Find a file named ucp.php. Edit this file

3. Find word “TERMS_OF_USE_CONTENT”. You can edit the agreement where it start with “By accessing ..”.

4. Save

You are done. But remember, you are advised to use notepad++ or any similar program instead of using notepad. Using notepad to edit this file may resulting in debug error notification on the header.

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