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phpBB by default has it’s own pre-defined group name which are Administrators, Bots, Guests, Registered users, Registered COPPA users, Global moderator users and Newly registered users. All these seven pre-defined group are special groups which mean they cannot be deleted or fully modified. You may add users and alter some basic settings in the group but you will not be able to change the group name directly in the setting.

You may create new group to have your own group names. However you might face some difficulties later to set default group for new user once they registered in your forum. Furthermore, it will be hard for you to use user registration settings which able to remove user from newly registered users group once they reach certain amount of post. For me, it will be much easier if we change the default group name to the name we desire. Below is step by step guide how you can manually change the pre-defined group name.


Steps to change pre-defined group name

1. Using FTP, navigate to phpBB folder -> language -> en

2. Find a file named common.php. Edit this file

3. Find word “G_ADMINISTRATORS” and you can edit the group name after symbol => .

The default one will be like this:

‘G_ADMINISTRATORS’ => ‘Administrators’,
‘G_BOTS’ => ‘Bots’,
‘G_GUESTS’ => ‘Guests’,
‘G_REGISTERED’ => ‘Registered users’,
‘G_REGISTERED_COPPA’ => ‘Registered COPPA users’,
‘G_GLOBAL_MODERATORS’ => ‘Global moderators’,
‘G_NEWLY_REGISTERED’ => ‘Newly registered users’,

You may change all the above to what you like

‘G_ADMINISTRATORS’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_BOTS’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_GUESTS’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_REGISTERED’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_REGISTERED_COPPA’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_GLOBAL_MODERATORS’ => ‘whatever you like’,
‘G_NEWLY_REGISTERED’ => ‘whatever you like’,

4. Save

All done. Please be remind, you are advised to use editor program like notepad++ or any similar program rather than using notepad. Using notepad when editing this file may results in debug error notification on the header.

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