phpBB Change Email Contents and Account Inactive Notification

This tutorial will give you step by step guide on how you can change the notification of account inactive and require user to validate their email first. On top of that, i will also explain how you can change the text inside email from your forum board to the user. phpBB include. In phpBB roughly there are about 33 type of emails that can be send to the user. You may want to change certain email or all of the emails based on your own words. There are also many notifications to the user that you will be able to edit the words. So, below, i will describe the steps necessary for you to change the notifications to the user and also change the email contents.


Change Account Inactive Notification or any Notifications to the user

1. Via FTP, go to phpBB folder -> language -> en. Inside the “en” folder, you will find a file named ucp.php. Edit the file.

2. Find the words “ACCOUNT_INACTIVE”. You can change the words to your own after => symbol. The default you will find is:

‘ACCOUNT_INACTIVE’ => ‘Your account has been created. However, this board requires account activation, an activation key has been sent to the e-mail address you provided. Please check your e-mail for further information.’,

3. Change it to whatever you like. Oh yes. You can use css style such as

<span style=”color: green;”>

4. Noticed that below and above the “account_inactive”, there are many other notification. You may edit them all.


Change Email Contents

Yes. You can change the text inside email send to user using your own words.

1. Via FTP, navigate to phpBB folder -> language -> en -> email.

2. Inside the email folder, you will find a lot of text file which represent the contents of the email send to the user. You may edit each of them.

That’s all. Simple and easy.

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