Microsoft Word Set Landscape Only on Single Page

Page Options Dialog Box

This is just a simple guide but i try to make it very easy to understand. Actually i made this guide because several of my friends keep asking me how to set landscape view only on single page in Microsoft Word. Sometime in the whole document of Microsoft Word, there is single page you want to make it landscape view or horizontal view. Maybe because you want to put picture, graph, gantt chart or anything which you find landscape view will be more fit or suitable.

It is not really big problem before this in Microsoft Word 2003. However in Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010, i think it is a little confusing because of the location of the options and tiny icon which most of people do not expect to click. After that, it is just simple logic. This guide is made for Microsoft Word 2010 but it is the same on Microsoft Word 2007 too.


Here how you can change to landscape orientation only on single page

1. Go to the page you want to make the page landscape. For example page 4.

2. Now, go to Page Layout, click on the small icon at bottom right of the page setup option. It will show page setup dialog box.

Page Options Dialog Box

3. Choose landscape orientation, apply to this point forward and click OK.

4. Next, go to page 5 which you want to make it back portrait orientation.

5. Repeat step 2

6. Choose portrait orientation, apply to this point forward and click OK. Done

Page Setup Dialog Box

That’s all. Simple right? Thank You

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