Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter Windows 7

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is just a dummy network card. The purpose of this dummy network card mainly for testing in a virtual network environment. You can bind protocols, network clients, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter. There are various other useful purposes by using this Microsoft Loopback Adapter. If somehow you need Microsoft Loopback Adapter, below is tutorial on how to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter for Windows 7.

1. Firstly, Start -> hdwwiz.exe

2. Click Next

3. Now choose ‘Install the hardware that i manually select from a list (advanced)’

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

4. Under type of hardware, choose ‘network adapters’

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

5. Then you may need to wait for the list being generated. Under Manufacturer category, choose ‘Microsoft’ while under Network adapter category choose ‘Microsoft Loopback Adapter’

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

6. On the confirmation page, just click next.

7. Done

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

You may need to set up ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS and etc. The way to complete this task will be the same as you set up for your real adapter used to connect to the internet. Go to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections. Right click at Microsoft Loopback Adapter and choose properties.  Choose IPv4 and setup the IP address and other necessary requirements.

Tutorial Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter


Take note that under certain circumstances in virtual network environment, you may need to disable other network adapters for Microsoft Loopback adapter to work properly.

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