Flash ROM Xperia Devices

Flashing Xperia Devices

This post is a beginner guide on how to flash ROM for xperia devices. You can follow this tutorial or guidelines to flash your device with original Android image. I will try to make this tutorial step by step and in a easy way so you can understand it better. There are various of reason why you need to flash your ROM manually. The most common reason is because you need to downgrade your android version on your phone or devices for the purpose of rooting. No matter what your reason to change or flash your ROM, i believe this simple tutorial will be helpful to you.


Pre-steps on your phone.

It is always recommended that you:

1. Enable “USB debugging”.

Menu > Settings > Applications > Development

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Menu > Settings > Developer options

2. Enable “Unknown Sources”.

Menu > Settings > Applications

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Menu > Settings > Security > Device Administration (submenu)

3. Change to “MSC USB Mode”. (Normally it will on MTP mode)

Settings > Wireless & Network > USB utilities

Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

Menu > Settings > Xperia > Connectivity > USB connection mode



1. Download “Flashtool full install” and “Flashtool updates”.

Flashtool is an application that can be used to flash xperia devices. It serve many purpose, but in this example, i will only show you how to flash original rom. The version that i used in this guide is “Full install Flashtool package” and “update version v0.8.6.0”.


2. Install Flashtool full install first, followed by Flashtool updates.


3. Download the ROM that you need. The filetype for the ROM image should be “.ftf”.


4. By default, Flashtool will be installed in partition C: (your windows installation partition). In that case, navigate to C: -> Flashtool -> firmwares. Paste the downloaded ROM in that fimwares folder.


5. Start the Flashtool application. It’s not necessary to connect your devices now.


6. Click button “Flash”. The button is the first button located on the left of the application

Flashing Xperia Devices


7. Tick flashmode. Click OK.


8. Select the correct firmware. Tick on “Wipe data” and “Wipe cache”. You may tick to “Wipe apps log” too. Click OK

Flashing Xperia Devices


9. As stated on the screen instructions, please turn off your devices. Now, while holding down the “back button” of your phone, plug in the usb cable into your computer’s usb port. Please wait a little for the devices to be recognized by your computer.

Flashing Xperia Devices

Take note that some xperia devices such as xperia mini pro, it’s not the back button that you need to hold. It’s the “volume down button”. Do not worry because if you hold down wrong button, the on screen instructions won’t disappear. So just unplug your xperia devices and plug it back in while holding the correct button.


10. The on screen instructions will disappear once you have done it correctly. Now wait for the progress bar to start progressing. Yes, you may release the button that you hold just now. Please wait until the progress end. It will look something like the image below.

Flashing Xperia Devices


Now you are done flashing your ROM. Turn on your phone if necessary and that’s all. Hopefully with this tutorial, you will understand better how to flash rom on xperia devices. Thank You.

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  1. great guide . i tried a lot of other guides but this one seams to work, my phone flashed. now i’m waiting and watching if the startup is okay. 🙂

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