Explorer Crashes Opening Folder

Shell Explorer View

In this post, i’ll share my experience on explorer crashes when opening a specific folder. It most likely will happens to your download folder, or any folder which contains video file. The video file type can be either mkv, flv or even avi files. When you try to open this kind of folder, your windows explorer will crashes and restart by itself. Even after you restart your computer, the same thing might happens while you opening the same folder.

So, the main culprit behind this is the DivX handler. It’s actually trying to generate thumbnail for the video file which then crashes your explorer. There are several ways to solve this. You can easily overcome this by disable thumbnails in the folder options menu. However the other innocent file might be effected too. So i think the best way to solve this by disabling DivX property handler and DivX thumbnail provider.

The steps are very easy.

1. Download shell explorer view

2. Open the program.  Use the ‘find’ function to find word “DivX”

Shell Explorer View

3. Disable DivX Property Handler and DivX Thumnail Provider using the red icon at the top of the program.

Now, it’s done. You may try to open the folder back. Thank You.


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