Connect Real PC with GNS3

Tutorial Connect Real PC with GNS3

Another method of representing host or adding host in GNS3 is by using real pc which mean our own local PC. It’s mean that you can connect real PC with the topology you design in GNS3. In this post, i will guide step by step how to connect local PC with GNS3. This function is one of the beautiful thing about GNS3 . Connecting your own pc with the topology in GNS3 is something that GNS3 capable of. So you can install software on your local PC to work with the topology you design in GNS3. This tutorial will include pictures which i think necessary to ensure your understanding.


Before we start, firstly you must make sure if you have Microsoft Loopback
Adapter. If not, Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter first. In this example, one of the host i used is VPCS. If you have no idea about VPCS, you can ignore the VPCS host and concentrate on Real PC or Real Host. If you like to learn how VPCS is set up, you may read Use VPCS with GNS3.


Once you are ready, here we go

1. Go to Edit and choose Symbol Manager.

2. Under Available Symbol category, choose ‘computer’ and move it to the right on ‘customized nodes’ part. Give it a name as you like. In this example i will use ‘Real PC’. But the most important part is the ‘type’. Make sure you choose ‘cloud’ for the type under ‘customized node settings’. click Apply and OK.

Tutorial Connect Real PC with GNS33. Drag ‘Real PC’ to the topology area. You can change the hostname as you like.

Tutorial Connect Real PC with GNS3

4. Here is the important part. Configure the ‘Real PC’ host (Right Click Real PC and choose Configure). On the NIO Ethernet tab, delete all the default Generic Ethernet NIO to avoide any confusing. The only thing you need to add is “Network adapter ‘MS Loopback Driver’. Once you have done, click OK.

Take note that if you unable to find MS Loopback Driver in the list, it might be because of you just install Microsoft Loopback Adapter. So what you can do here is try to restart GNS3 or even your PC so that GNS3 can find the MS Loopback Driver which is really important to accomplish our task.

Tutorial Connect Real PC with GNS3


As stated in the Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter post, it is necessary for
you to set the correct IP address to the Microsoft Loopback Adapter. You can accomplish this task the same way as you set your IP address or DNS of your PC. The only differrent is you set it on Microsoft Loopback Adapter not the network adapter which connect to the internet.

Tutorial Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

Continue to set the IP address of the VPCS and also each of the interface of the routers. Start and configure both of the routers accordingly. In this example, you may need a routing protocol such as RIP to connect between different subnet.

Once the IP and routing part has been perfectly configured, you can try to ping between PC. For the ‘Real PC’, you can use your PC command prompt to ping, tracert or anything. It’s because we have connected your PC with the topology that we create in GNS3.

Tutorial Connect Real PC with GNS3
If you really sure all your configuration has been done correctly but you still
unable to ping to other host (which is the VPCS in this example) and vice versa, please turn off your PC firewall. Also please remember to disable other network adapter including network adapter which connect your PC to the internet to ensure Microsoft Loopback Adapter work perfectly.

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