Change IIS Port on Windows 7

IIS Manager

IIS is stand for Internet Information Services also formerly known as Internet Information Server. It is a web browser application created by Microsoft to be use with Microsoft Windows. It is integral part of certain windows editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. IIS is turned off by default.

However, if you use IIS and want to use other web application such as WampServer and Xampp, you must change the IIS port before do so to avoid conflict. Xampp and Wampserver Apache might fail to start due to same port used with IIS.

Here how you can change the IIS port on windows 7:

1. Click Start

2. Type iis

3. Choose Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

4. On the left pane, there will be your PC name > Sites > Default Web Site. Right Click Default Web Site and choose Edit Bindings.

IIS Manager

5. On site bindings window, edit type http and change the port to any port which you want to use.

Change iis Port

6. You may need to restart you IIS. It is on the right pane

That’s all. If you want to know how to change WampServer port, have a look at this article.

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