Update phpBB Version

This post is simple guide on how to update phpBB to new version. I find updating version on phpBB not as simpler as WordPress. Yes it’s easy but sometime can be little bit confusing. So in this guide, i will show step by step how you can update phpBB to new version. In this example, i will update phpBB version 3.0.10 to phpBB version 3.0.11. Continue reading “Update phpBB Version”

Add Image in WordPress Feed

Feed is one of the important things in blog. Usually we use RSS feed in WordPress or Feedburner to serve our reader. Apart from the purpose, sometime when you put your link on other website, depending on the method of fetching, it may use your feed to provide preview of the link you provided. Image in feed will help in making the feed beautiful and presentable to the reader. Most of the time, your wordpress theme has include this feature to include image whenever possible in your feed. However if you doesn’t see any image in your feed, then this post will guide in adding the image in your feed. Continue reading “Add Image in WordPress Feed”