Rooting Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia Mini Pro SK17i

This post is about tutorial to root ice cream sandwich on Sony Xperia Mini Pro SK17i devices. This tutorial mainly for beginner. So i will try to write this guide as details as possible to help you understand on how to root ice cream sandwich for Xperia Mini Pro. Continue reading “Rooting Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia Mini Pro SK17i”

Connect Real PC with GNS3

Another method of representing host or adding host in GNS3 is by using real pc which mean our own local PC. It’s mean that you can connect real PC with the topology you design in GNS3. In this post, i will guide step by step how to connect local PC with GNS3. This function is one of the beautiful thing about GNS3 . Connecting your own pc with the topology in GNS3 is something that GNS3 capable of. So you can install software on your local PC to work with the topology you design in GNS3. This tutorial will include pictures which i think necessary to ensure your understanding. Continue reading “Connect Real PC with GNS3”

Matlab – Spatial Filtering

Filtering is a technique for modifying or enhancing an image. As it name stated, spatial filtering use filter or also know as mask, kernel, template or window. Values of filter sub image are referred to coefficients rather than pixel intensities. Masks are always in odd size such as 3×3, 3×5 or etc. You won’t be able to find the center of the mask if it’s in even size. The process is simply moving the filter mask from point to point in an image. The filter oat each point is calculated using predefined relationship. Continue reading “Matlab – Spatial Filtering”

Flash ROM Xperia Devices

This post is a beginner guide on how to flash ROM for xperia devices. You can follow this tutorial or guidelines to flash your device with original Android image. I will try to make this tutorial step by step and in a easy way so you can understand it better. There are various of reason why you need to flash your ROM manually. The most common reason is because you need to downgrade your android version on your phone or devices for the purpose of rooting. No matter what your reason to change or flash your ROM, i believe this simple tutorial will be helpful to you. Continue reading “Flash ROM Xperia Devices”

Packet Tracer Activity 8.6.1 Answer 100%

This post is regarding solution or answer to Packet Tracer Activity 8.6.1 CCNA Skills Integration Challenge. I will share the solution and some notes or tips how to get 100% in this packet tracer activity. It is normal for you not to get 100% in this packet tracer activity as it contains some mistakes and some information which the activity doesn’t tell you directly through the instructions. You may need to check results to know which information is left behind in the instructions. To make this thing more easier, so in this post i will provide you with correct information so you can solve this packet activity problem. Continue reading “Packet Tracer Activity 8.6.1 Answer 100%”

Matlab – Laplacian Mask

Another part of Digital Image Processing is the Laplacian mask. Laplacian mask contains the coefficients of the Laplacian operator (second order derivatives). When dealing with Laplacian mask,you must be very careful with the difference in sign when combining either by adding or subtract a Laplacian filtered image with another image. Laplacian operator have some effect. It tends to produce image that have grayish edge lines and other discontinuities in brighter intensities, all superimposed on a dark, featureless background. To correct the problem of featureless background, you must add the original and Laplacian filtered image together. Continue reading “Matlab – Laplacian Mask”