Use VPCS with GNS3

GNS3 is Graphical Network Simulator while VPCS is Virtual PC Simulator. VPCS or Virtual PC Simulator is included in GNS3 all in one installer. It is one of the best way to add computer in GNS3 topology because it can save your memory and CPU usage. However VPCS function is quite limited to ping and trace route. So if you only need to ping or trace route to simulate your network, then using VPCS will be very useful. This post will guide you step by step on how to use VPCS in GNS3 and simulate the network. This tutorial will include all necessary pictures in order to make it easier for you to understand. Continue reading “Use VPCS with GNS3”

Matlab – Thresholding an Image

This post about matlab command used in image processing for thresholding an image. Threshold is simple concept of setting range of certain value to be a value. The basic purpose of thresholding in image processing is to adjust the pixel value of an image to certain value. Lets take an example. The matlab command below can be used to thresholding an image. What this command will do is to set the pixel value to 0 if  the original pixel value is below or equal to 128. Otherwise, if the original pixel value is above 128, the new pixel value will be 255. Below is the example command. Continue reading “Matlab – Thresholding an Image”

Netrider Training – Troubleshoot OSPF

This post is about solving or troubleshooting OSPF network. OSPF stand for Open Shortest Path First. It is an adaptive routing protocol for IP network. It uses link state algorithm and operating within a single autonomous system (AS). This question i received for netrider training. So in this post, i’ll share the question and discuss how to solve this question. Continue reading “Netrider Training – Troubleshoot OSPF”