DCE stand for Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment. It is locate at end of the WAN provider side of communication facility. DCE provide clock signal which known as internal clocking. Example DCE device is modem.  Continue reading “DCE and DTE”

Change IIS Port on Windows 7

IIS is stand for Internet Information Services also formerly known as Internet Information Server. It is a web browser application created by Microsoft to be use with Microsoft Windows. It is integral part of certain windows editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. IIS is turned off by default. Continue reading “Change IIS Port on Windows 7”

Fix Printer Spooler Failure

This post is a guide on how to troubleshoot and solve Windows Printer Spooler problem. This problem may results on inability to print documents using any type of printer. If you encounter failure on printer spooler services on window, here i provide you with several methods that you may use in order to fix the problem.

First of all, before you do all the steps and method below, there are two things that you must make sure: Continue reading “Fix Printer Spooler Failure”