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Android SDK Manager

ADB is Android Debug Bridge. Usually people meet with this term when they find way to root their Android phone or devices and clueless how we can install ADB drivers for our devices. As an example, you may find such instructionΒ  like “make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device” when you try to root with Doomlord and Zergrush exploit with their easy rooting toolkit.For someone who never involve with Android Development, it really hard to understand the term. Some of us will try to search google with term like download ADB driver for xperia mini pro (sk17i) Android and it will lead them to nothing. Actually the steps is really simple. In this post, i will try make it as simple as possible just how to install ADB driver for your Android phone or devices.


1. Download Java SE JDK from Java SE Download. Download based on your computer operating system. Do not get confused with JRE and JDK. It’s different. Usually user only installed JRE to run some java program on the web. But for this purpose, you will need JDK too. Latest version when this post written is Java SE 7u2.

2. Install it on your computer.

3. Download Android SDK. Latest version when this post written is r16. Yes, you may choose installer_r16-windows.exe to make your work more easier.

4. Install it on your computer

5. When you run SDK Manager on your computer, it will ask to download and install some of package or components. Any platforms such as Android 4.0.3(API 15) is unnecessary for this purpose. Only two things that you need to choose (tick)

a. Android SDK Tools

b. Google USB Driver Package

Android SDK Manager

6. After all installation complete, now just plug in your Android phone or devices to your computer and the driver will be installed Automatically.

7. You can check if ADB driver installed successfully by using device manager on your computer(Right Click My computer > Manage > Device Manager). You will find your phone connected with some terms like ADB interface driver.

Check ADB Driver

At this level, you can root your phone such as easy rooting toolkit by Doomlord and Zergrush. Yes, ADB is more than that. There are commands that you able to use for many purposes on Android devices. But if you read this post and the term ADB is something new to you, it’s better if you not playing with all the commands.

That’s All. Thank You.

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31 thoughts on “Install ADB for Android phone”

  1. realli awsome guide…just need to add one thing run the .bat file from c drive
    ie path should be c:/ or else it will end up with an error path not specified..

  2. i completed all the above given steps one by one correctly and tryed to root xperia mini st15i on Doomlord _v4 ROOT but after completing the process on Doomlord , i see my xperia mini is not rooted yet and i repeated again and again but my xperia mini is not rooted yet ….. please help me

    1. firstly, actually i used Doomlord v3 because that is the current version when i root my phone. But i think v4 shouldn’t bring any prob since it’s the current version right now. But maybe you might try v3 since i don’t know exactly update that’s being done from v3 to v4.
      However the most important part is to make sure your current firmware version. Have you ever update your firmware given by Sony? If i’m not mistaken, current firmware version such as 4.0.2.A.0.62 won’t be able to root yet using Doomlord.

  3. Hi!
    I am very new to the android programming.
    I just want to root my xperia mini pro.
    Your guide is great, my only problem is, after i installed android sdk tools and google usb driver package i plug my phone to the computer, but nothing happens, and in task managger i can’t see any change.
    Also i can’t root my phone.

    Please help!

  4. i ve also tried with the same instructions but my cell is failed to root yet ..i ve also tried super one alick ad z root and enabled usb debug ..please help …:(

    1. For rooting, please refer to this post Rooting Sony Xperia Mini Pro.
      Enable usb debugging and unknown sources. Make sure your current version is 4.0.2.A.0.58 or below. Otherwise in case you are on 4.0.2.A.0.62 or on ice cream sandwich, you might need to downgrade your rom first.

  5. When I try to download:
    “a. Android SDK Tools

    b. Google USB Driver Package”

    It says that I already have Android SDK Tools installed, good, but when I then try to install the Google USB Drive Package nothing happens

    1. But when I look at through the device manager I still can see Sony sa0112 ADB Interface Drive…?

      When running Doomlord and Zergrush exploit root program it does not work

      1. You stated that the program does not work. First, you should look into the error appeared in the program.

        Other thing that you might want to look into:
        1.In the post Rooting Sony Xperia Mini Pro sk17i, there is Easy Rooting Toolkit v4.0 which is the latest one. Try using that version

        2. After you have ensure that adb driver has been installed successfully, please look into post Flash Rom Xperia Devices and look directly into the “Pre-steps on your phone.”

        3. Most importantly, please verify your android version / build number on your phone. The device build number should be 4.0.2.A.0.58 or below. Build number above than that, you may need to downgrade your android version. Please read the post Rooting Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia Mini Pro SK17i

    2. hi Leo,
      nothing happened? please verify that it should be like in the image 5b. The status must be shows “installed”.
      It takes some time to download the package and installed

  6. i did not follow the steps but when i check the device manager as in step 7 it is showing ADB interface drivers but when i am flashing it is saying no drivers found what to do please say

    1. hi, if you ask me what to do, i’ll say follow the steps. there might be possibility that the driver appear due to the used of pc companion software or by other reason.

      The only i can assure you, i have test my method to be worked on flashtool for flashing rom and rooting via easy rooting toolkit. It works fine. So to make it simple, just read and follow the guide carefully. It won’t take long before you can flash your rom

          1. Hi Sunil,
            First please ensure you get the image as in step 5 with status “installed” for both sdk tools and driver package. May i know what application that you use to flash your rom? Are you following this post Flash Rom Xperia Devices? Also, it will be very helpful if you specify your android devices with its android version and build number.

  7. hello . when i open sdk manager i don’t see google usb driver package for install…
    Q1: what should i do?
    Q2: if i download google usb driver package from internet then what should i do next?
    plz help me…

    1. 1. Connect to the internet. Open SDK Android Manager and make sure you click “show update/new package” at the menu. There should be Google USB driver under “extras”.

      2, If u believe the usb driver package is correct and the most updated version, then after installation u should be fine. It depend on what actually u wanna do? u wanna root your phone, flash the rom or etc. Just keep moving forward, there should be an error if the usb driver package couldn’t be found on the system and whatever you do will be unsuccessful or fail. If you face the problem, turn back and start again from usb driver package.

  8. Great! I’ve done it finally! !! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I tried to root my Xperia mini pro with DoomLoad but in vain cos didn’t understand what ADB drivers was. Failed again and again…such waste of time!! I could understand it and rooted my phone thanks to you now. You’r really awesome! πŸ˜€

  9. Please help me. My device manager is not showing my Xperia Mini device while connecting to it
    I installed both 2 tick… but still not showing

  10. Hey guys, i’m stuck right now. My xperia mini pro only show sony and xperia logo (ICS). Before that i’ve factory reset, but failed. And nopw my phone just show sony and xperia logo all the time. I had tried to re-flashing my phone with flashtool but failed. Android driver not found, i had try to install that driver to..but failed again. Help me.

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