SCCM Patch Update Error 0x80244022

For background i use SCCM Current Branch on windows server 2012 R2 and encounter this error. I didn’t remember any changes on my server but it hit me from nowhere. Some article say it might due to patches on windows server 2012 R2 but for mine, last server patches for security update has been quite a while. I believe there are others software update deployment that has been successfully deployed after the server patches.

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Today while working on one of my WordPress website which using Elementor i notice this error on Google Maps Element. Out of sudden the embedded Google Maps hit error refused to connect. I thought it’s temporary issue with google maps, surprisingly it’s not. Further troubleshoot shows it’s actually API

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How to Enable Flash on Chrome

How to enable flash on Google chrome. Check Flash version on chrome. Manage flash update using registry and allow flash to run on all website

Google chrome currently known to prevent usage of Flash plugin. However for some organization administrator, they feel the need of using flash on chrome as matter of web application compatibility. So this article share my experience in how to enable flash in chrome, control flash update and manage specific flash version.

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Dell E5470 Auto Shutdown Overheat

Dell E5470 auto shutdown. Dell E5470 laptop solution for overheat and auto shutdown.

This article about troubleshooting Dell E5470 due to auto shutdown issue. You may use this article as reference on how to troubleshoot auto shutdown PC issue or notebook overheat issue.

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Sysprep – Windows Could Not Finished Configuring The System

sysprep error. Windows could not finished configuring the system. Have you check 3 things?

Sysprep is commonly used during cloning OS image. It’s quite common i encounter error during sysprep. There’s a lot of article in the internet related to this matter. However, i just would like to post this article as the solution for the problem i encountered not the one i found on the internet. So i just share it with you guys and as a reminder to myself

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How to check Windows License Original or Cracked

Quick and easy way to check if your Windows license is original for end user. No internet required. Difference between Genuine and Cracked version

Have you ever wonder when you bought your dekstop or laptop if the windows license installed is really genuine? If you purchased from trusted shop this might not be an issue. But if you bought from unknown IT shop or you purchased second hand from online seller and they told you the license installed is original. How do you actually verify if what they claim is true? This article meant for person without IT background as quick and easy check. It takes less than a minute and no internet required.

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MS Outlook – Your Organization’s Policies are Preventing

Outlook error “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you”

I encounter one issue on Microsoft Outlook 2013 which prompt error message when click on any hyperlink in email. The hyperlink supposed to open browser and connect to the web. The error message as follow “Your organization’s policies are preventing us from completing this action for you. For more info, please contact your help desk”. I believe this error message also can appear on other version of Microsoft Outlook.

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SCCM Configuration Manager Update Stuck

In this article i’ll share my experience when i stuck on update my configuration manager. My update stuck at prerequisite check passed and it does not proceed to installation phase. But i think this article will also helps if you stuck at any phase of updating your sccm. The method i use involved cmupdatereset tool and sql command.

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Answer CCNA Security Chapter 6 Test – CCNAS v2.0

In this post, i will share the answer for CCNA Security Chapter 6 Test v2.0. This version 2.0 is the latest CCNAS version as of today. Hopefully it will help you guys to review and get ready for your chapter test. Do comment if you have new CCNAS question for this chapter or if you found any correction. CCNAS Chapter 6 Test as below

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Answer CCNA Security Practice Final – CCNAS v2.0


This post contains question and answers for CCNA Security: Implementing Network Security (Version 2.0) – CCNA Security 2.0 PRACTICE Final. This post contributed by someone known as anotherhelper. I hope this post answer CCNA Security Practice Final – CCNAS v2.0 will help you all in your study. Please be reminded this is Practice Final. If you are looking for Final Exam questions and answers you may take a look at following post Answer CCNA Security Final Exam – CCNAS v2.0 Continue reading “Answer CCNA Security Practice Final – CCNAS v2.0”