HTC One X Revert to Stock Recovery

So here the case. I already unlock bootloader my htc one x, flash Philz Touch recovery and root my HOX devices but i’m still at my stock rom. However suddenly there is one update receive from HTC OTA 4.19.707.4 regarding the heartbleed fix. So realizing the important of this update, i want to apply this update 4.19.707.4 to my Htc One X endeavoru phone. But if you update directly with Philz Touch Recovery, it will failed completely. So i decided to return back to stock recovery.

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Answer CCNA Security Chapter 10 Test – CCNAS v1.2

This post will share answer for Chapter 10 Test CCNA Security v1.2. All questions is based on CCNAS v1.2 contributed by Correo Temporal. I hope that the questions and answers for this CCNA Security Chapter 10 Test will benefits all of us. Please do leave comment if you encounter any new questions or you want to correct any answers in this post.

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Answer CCNA Security Final Exam – CCNAS v1.2

In this post i will share questions for CCNA Security Final Exam Version 1.2.  This post has been initiated by J*** who took his time to share with me most of the questions that he able to obtain from CCNA Security Exam he took. However for start, this collection only contains questions only. So take your time to study the questions, discuss with your friends and share with us the answers. Along the process, i will update the questions and answers for you guys. Please do not hesitate to drop your comment for any additional questions that you found on your exam, answers that you think right or wrong or any findings that might help all of us. So enjoy your time learning and always remember a giving hand is better than a receiving hand.

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How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2

In this post, i would like to share my experience in rooting htc one x 4.2.2 using one of the most popular tools for rooting HTC One X. The program that i used is Hasoon2000’s HTC One X All in One Toolkit. This post is just to share my experience with you in rooting htc one x with this tool, errors that i encounter and how i solve it.

For your reference, my device is HTC One X International with android version 4.2.2, Sense 5.0 and software 4.19.707.3. I first bought HOX and update officially via OTA until this jelly bean version. So my target is to root my new HTC One X which have been updated officially by using the latest version of Hasoon tool which at the moment i wrote this post is Hasoon2000 v2.5. Continue reading “How to Root HTC One X 4.2.2”

mscorsvw.exe High CPU Usage

i have encounter i problem related to high cpu usage of mscorsvw.exe. When i run task manager, most of my cpu usage used by this mscorsvw.exe. What actually happen before i encounter this problem is i install framework 4.0 in order to install an application. So i do research on how to solve mscorsvw.exe high CPU usage. So in this post, i would like to conclude on the best way to overcome this matter which actually the solution provided successfully solve problem mscorsvw.exe high cpu usage. Continue reading “mscorsvw.exe High CPU Usage”

CCNA Security Packet Tracer Practice SBA

This post is about CCNA Security Packet Tracer Skill Based Assessment Practice . I would like to share with all of your the answer or solution for this CCNA Security SBA. This CCNA Security SBA Practice contributed by Viktorcsn with 100% solution. I hope with the answer for CCNA Security SBA provided, it will be a guideline to all of us to understand this CCNA Security practice better. Below is the question and answer for CCNA Security Packet Tracer SBA Practice.

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Update phpBB Version

This post is simple guide on how to update phpBB to new version. I find updating version on phpBB not as simpler as WordPress. Yes it’s easy but sometime can be little bit confusing. So in this guide, i will show step by step how you can update phpBB to new version. In this example, i will update phpBB version 3.0.10 to phpBB version 3.0.11. Continue reading “Update phpBB Version”

Add Image in WordPress Feed

Feed is one of the important things in blog. Usually we use RSS feed in WordPress or Feedburner to serve our reader. Apart from the purpose, sometime when you put your link on other website, depending on the method of fetching, it may use your feed to provide preview of the link you provided. Image in feed will help in making the feed beautiful and presentable to the reader. Most of the time, your wordpress theme has include this feature to include image whenever possible in your feed. However if you doesn’t see any image in your feed, then this post will guide in adding the image in your feed. Continue reading “Add Image in WordPress Feed”

Disable w3 Total Cache Plugin Completely

This post is regarding WordPress w3 total cache plugin. W3 Total Cache is a great plugin to me. However this plugin sometime create problem which might result in WordPress white screen or even 500 internal server error. Usually i faced this problem just after some modification on the setting of this plugin. So simply said, there’s high possibility that the cause of this error or white screen that appear is by w3 total cache plugin. Continue reading “Disable w3 Total Cache Plugin Completely”

Unable to Connect to Internet Eset Smart Security

This problem regarding unable to connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security. My PC cannot connect to internet after i install Eset Smart Security which is the latest version as i write this post. I have to install this new version of Eset Smart Security after i manually uninstall Eset Smart Security 4 due to high cpu usage of ekrn.exe. So, in this post, i will discuss several matters for Eset Smart Security that i encounter. The first issue is regarding high cpu usage for ekrn.exe. Follow up by how to manually uninstall Eset Smart Security and finally if you cannot connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security. Continue reading “Unable to Connect to Internet Eset Smart Security”