mscorsvw.exe High CPU Usage

i have encounter i problem related to high cpu usage of mscorsvw.exe. When i run task manager, most of my cpu usage used by this mscorsvw.exe. What actually happen before i encounter this problem is i install framework 4.0 in order to install an application. So i do research on how to solve mscorsvw.exe high CPU usage. So in this post, i would like to conclude on the best way to overcome this matter which actually the solution provided successfully solve problem mscorsvw.exe high cpu usage. Continue reading “mscorsvw.exe High CPU Usage”

Unable to Connect to Internet Eset Smart Security

This problem regarding unable to connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security. My PC cannot connect to internet after i install Eset Smart Security which is the latest version as i write this post. I have to install this new version of Eset Smart Security after i manually uninstall Eset Smart Security 4 due to high cpu usage of ekrn.exe. So, in this post, i will discuss several matters for Eset Smart Security that i encounter. The first issue is regarding high cpu usage for ekrn.exe. Follow up by how to manually uninstall Eset Smart Security and finally if you cannot connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security. Continue reading “Unable to Connect to Internet Eset Smart Security”

Atheros AR5007EG Windows 7 Driver

This simple post is just to share the driver that you can use for Atheros AR5007EG on Windows 7. Atheros AR5007EG is a wireless network adapter. I found that this AR5007EG driver a little bit hard to find on the internet. Not because it’s hard to download, it’s because you may encounter several drivers that said to be work on Windows 7 for Atheros AR5007EG but it’s not. Some of them will not work correctly and if you unlucky, you may have to face blue screen of death on Windows startup. Continue reading “Atheros AR5007EG Windows 7 Driver”

Explorer Crashes Opening Folder

In this post, i’ll share my experience on explorer crashes when opening a specific folder. It most likely will happens to your download folder, or any folder which contains video file. The video file type can be either mkv, flv or even avi files. When you try to open this kind of folder, your windows explorer will crashes and restart by itself. Even after you restart your computer, the same thing might happens while you opening the same folder. Continue reading “Explorer Crashes Opening Folder”

Fix Printer Spooler Failure

This post is a guide on how to troubleshoot and solve Windows Printer Spooler problem. This problem may results on inability to print documents using any type of printer. If you encounter failure on printer spooler services on window, here i provide you with several methods that you may use in order to fix the problem.

First of all, before you do all the steps and method below, there are two things that you must make sure: Continue reading “Fix Printer Spooler Failure”