Unable to Connect to Internet Eset Smart Security

This problem regarding unable to connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security. My PC cannot connect to internet after i install Eset Smart Security which is the latest version as i write this post. I have to install this new version of Eset Smart Security after i manually uninstall Eset Smart Security 4 due to high cpu usage of ekrn.exe. So, in this post, i will discuss several matters for Eset Smart Security that i encounter. The first issue is regarding high cpu usage for ekrn.exe. Follow up by how to manually uninstall Eset Smart Security and finally if you cannot connect to internet after installing Eset Smart Security.


Ekrn.exe High Cpu Usage

Ekrn.exe is a process that used by Eset Smart Security. In other words, it can’t be terminated easily or changing the priority to lower or higher value. If you come across this problem, the easiest way is actually by completely uninstall Eset Smart Security and install it back or upgrade to new version of Eset Smart Security. The best is to do both. Completely uninstall Eset Smart Security and re install back with the latest version of Eset Smart Security.


Uninstall Eset Smart Security

The correct way to uninstall Eset Smart Security is by using their own uninstaller. At the program files, there should be Eset folder which contains uninstaller application. It’s not recommended to use “Program and Features” at the control panel to uninstall Eset Smart Security.

Other than the usual method, you can also use Eset Uninstaller. You may follow this guide on how to manually uninstall Eset Smart Security.


After i decided to use manual uninstall Eset Smart Security and install the latest version, i noticed that i cannot connect to internet. My first thought is the driver for my wireless devices because manual uninstall Eset Smart Security may reset windows network setting including the driver. When i restart my PC after manually uninstall Eset Smart Security, i noticed Windows try to find suitable driver for my wireless devices. As far as i concern, my wireless devices Atheros AR5007EG may not work well with windows recommended driver. In case you want to find Atheros AR5007EG Windows 7 driver, you can follow this post.

After installing the driver, i discover that it’s not actually the cause why i cannot connect to internet. I can connect to my router well but not internet. Connected but with limited connectivity. I Google about this matter, most of guide i found by Eset is to disable some features on Intrusion Detection.

ARP Poisoning attack detection
DNS Poisoning attack detection
TCP Desynchronization attack detection
Reverse TCP Desynchronization attack detection

You can find this at Advanced Setting Eset Smart Security. But of course that advice will not solve my problem. Not only i have turn off the firewall features, i have disable completely Eset Smart Security. So what the hell turn off some features for firewall will help me solve my problem.


Further research guide me to solve this problem. If you encounter problems such as mine, what you really need to do is to fix LSP. So basically what you need to do is renew ip address and reset winsock. Below is what you need to write on command prompt.

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset reset.log

Once you done that, shut down your PC, turn of your router and have a sleep. A miracle will happened when you wake up. If you encounter this problem like me and spending a lot of time just to discover on how you can connect back to internet after uninstall or installing Eset Smart Security, this method worth a try.

Hope that helps. Thank You.

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