DCE stand for Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment. It is locate at end of the WAN provider side of communication facility. DCE provide clock signal which known as internal clocking. Example DCE device is modem. 

DTE stand for Data Terminal Equipment. It is user device with interface connecting to the WAN link. DTE synchronized provided clock which known as external clocking. Example DTE device is router or serial port computer.


For CISCO configuration syntax to check DCE or DTE:

R1# show controllers s0/0/0  or R1# sh co s0/0/0



Always set clock rate on DCE port

R1(config)# int s0/0/0

R1(config-if)# clock rate 64000

R1(config-if)# no shut

Noted that 64000 is example usual value. You can put any number which you think suitable.

Always set bandwith on DTE port:

R1(config)# int s0/0/1

R1(config-if)# bandwith 64

R1(config-if)# no shut

Note: In Packet Tracer, set bandwith for DTE is unnecessary for the network to be usable in certain case. However set clock rate for DCE in Packet Tracer is a must.

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